The Mentor Advantage

There are eight companies that fall under the Mentor Services Unlimited, LLC, umbrella. They are:

  • The Mentor Files
  • Six Figure Club
  • Master Saver
  • Dream Vacation Suites
  • Referrals Unlimited
  • Davis Financial Services
  • E:com Consortium
  • Mentor Foundation
  • Social Financial Networks
  • Acts of Kindness
  • Four Horsemen Entertainment Group
  • Financial Franchise Funnel Fortunes

“Most of our “Private Members” in a few short years will earn $100,000.00 in Profits. Many will earn “Six Figures” annually! Yes, we even have members earning in excess of $100,000.00 monthly…. Which PATH will you take?”

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Upon submission, you will receive a Customized FEE WAIVER OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE stating the normal processing operational cost & charges for accessing our Private Members Only worldwide networks database of “Providers” for any (PPSP) Projects, Programs, Services, Products and any funding or income producing systems we offer, are not being charged when you submit a photocopy or submit any requests from our firms of your certificate.

Get a membership fee waiver worth $650 just for talking to us about using OPM and this amazing income producing passive investment & business opportunity. Let us help you secure your financial future and enjoy the lifestyle of the truly Wealthy!

    Please choose the amount you may provide as a deposit as we can calculate your potential R.O.I. from earnings i. e. profits you as our beneficiary may receive.

    Website Guide

    Your Guide to

    Ready to earn big? The Six Figure Club wants to make sure you don’t miss out on this chance to change your financial future through lifetime profit centers that you own. In the interest of full disclosure about our amazing Six Figure Club’s “Investors Pool” program systems & income producing opportunities, the Six Figure Club has provided a lot of information on our website and we know it can be overwhelming. That’s why we created this simple 7-step guide to viewing our website. If you follow these steps, you should get all the information you need in a logical manner and in no time you will be ready to start earning a six-figure income.

    Step 1: The Opportunity page

    • This page can be accessed from the navigation menu at top of the website.
    • Watch the video located at the top of the page. It plays automatically when you open this page. This video gives you an overview of how our income prodcuing/business & employment opportunity can quickly put you in control of your financial future. Now you are ready to learn more.

    Step 2: Home page

    • This page can be accessed from the navigation menu at top of the website.
    • Check out the Welcome Video located below the photo gallery. This video will give you more information about the investment opportunity and it’s earning potential. You can easily jump to view all 5 of our videos when you open the YouTube icon on the home page.
    • Take a few minutes to browse our photo gallery. Just click on any image to enlarge it and get more information about a particular aspect of our incredible income generating opportunity. You can get complete information for all the images in the gallery by going to the Gallery Information page (located under The Opportunity in the menu at the top of our website.

    Step 3: Your Earnings page

    • This page can be accessed from the dropdown under The Opportunity in the menu at top of the website.
    • The charts on this page show the incredible earning potential for both the High-Yield Return, Passive Income Path and the Wealth Accelerator Income Opportunity Path. You can easily see the amazing returns you may expect based on different levels you choose to deposit.

    Step 4: Financial Solutions Calculators page

    • This page can be accessed from the dropdown under The Opportunity in the menu at top of the website.
    • Now that you have an idea of the incredible earning potential, check out our financial solutions calculators. You can use these calculators to help you get started on the first step to financial independence with the Six Figure Club, filling out the Total Needs Analysis (located on the Documents page). With the financial solutions calculators, you can:
      • Learn how to cover your monthly expenses (business and/or personal) using other people’s money. Just enter your monthly expenditures and click the Calculate button to determine what would be needed to cover them.
      • Learn how you can eliminate your total debt with a single deposit on a pre-determined schedule. Just enter your total debt and either the amount you want to consider depositing and the time frame for clearing it and click the Calculate button to determine what amount would let you eliminate your debt in a short period of time.
      • Learn how to control your financial future with a single deposit/loan/ re-allocation of any funds currently not paying you what our private members are earning.  Just enter the amount you are considering investing and click the Calculate button to determine what earnings you may expect on that dollar amount and start dreaming about how it could reshape your financial future.
      • These projected returns are based on our 1st chart representing monthly passive income, our 2nd chart is for long term (1 – 5) year periods, compounding returns and are not able to be calculated when using the Success Formula Calculators.

    Step 5: How It Works and Why Invest pages

    • These pages can be accessed from the dropdown under The Opportunity in the menu at top of the website.
    • The How It Works page explains our income producing paths – the Passive Income path for those that want to receive high-yield returns quarterly returns and the Wealth Accelerator Income path. The Why Invest page explains how this opportunity lets you amass wealth the way the mega rich do it – by leveraging ( O.P.M.) Other People’s Money. Through our funding resources with access to more than 3,000 lenders such as Lendio, we can help you get the funds to boost and finance your participation with in our Private Members Only Club.

    Step 6: Our Guarantee and Rewards Program pages

    • These pages can be accessed from the dropdown under The Opportunity in the menu at top of the website.
    • The Our Guarantee page outlines our triple guarantee – No Risk, Money Back Guarantee, our No Fee Guarantee and our Loan Repayment Guarantee.
    • The Rewards Program page outlines how we reward our member for referrals and the perks that come with earning a six figure income.

    Step 7: Apply Today and Documents pages

    • These pages can be accessed from the dropdown under The Opportunity in the menu at top of the website.
    • By now you should be ready to make your choice to achieve financial independence without the normal labor, worry or risk associated with all other programs.  Don’t think you have the money right now? You’d be surprised. Our financial mentors can help you identify assets you may have overlooked such as retirement savings in IRAs. We can also help you secure loans and liquidate assets you may think have limited value.
      Dead equity alone in millions of homes could generate billions in monthly profits using our programs.
    • The Apply Today page walks you through the steps to get started earning a six figure income.
    • The Documents page has links to all the documents you will need to apply with the Six Figure Club and start reshaping your financial future.

    On a final note, if you would like to know more about The Six Figure Club, its history of success and its founder, check out the About Us page and The Six Figure Club page.

    Having followed our guide through our one-of-a-kind website, you should understand The Six Figure Club’s fantastic Passive Income, Business and Employment  opportunity and how it could have a game-changing impact on your financial future.

    Now you should be ready to take the first steps toward joining The Inner Circle of Wealth and finally become Financially Free from your monthly bills and overall debts as you begin accumulating Sustainable Monthly / Annual Income for Life!

    There’s no time to spare! Contact us today to start earning amazing labor-free income through our Pathways to Wealth!