The Mentor Advantage

There are eight companies that fall under the Mentor Services Unlimited, LLC, umbrella. They are:

  • The Mentor Files
  • Six Figure Club
  • Master Saver
  • Dream Vacation Suites
  • Referrals Unlimited
  • Davis Financial Services
  • E:com Consortium
  • Mentor Foundation
  • Social Financial Networks
  • Acts of Kindness
  • Four Horsemen Entertainment Group
  • Financial Franchise Funnel Fortunes

“Most of our “Private Members” in a few short years will earn $100,000.00 in Profits. Many will earn “Six Figures” annually! Yes, we even have members earning in excess of $100,000.00 monthly…. Which PATH will you take?”

Get Your $650 Reward

Upon submission, you will receive a Customized FEE WAIVER OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE stating the normal processing operational cost & charges for accessing our Private Members Only worldwide networks database of “Providers” for any (PPSP) Projects, Programs, Services, Products and any funding or income producing systems we offer, are not being charged when you submit a photocopy or submit any requests from our firms of your certificate.

Get a membership fee waiver worth $650 just for talking to us about using OPM and this amazing income producing passive investment & business opportunity. Let us help you secure your financial future and enjoy the lifestyle of the truly Wealthy!

    Please choose the amount you may provide as a deposit as we can calculate your potential R.O.I. from earnings i. e. profits you as our beneficiary may receive.

    The Opportunity

    Stop Imagining if …

    • A single deposit could cover your monthly expenses.
    • You could wipe out your total debt in just a few years or sooner.
    • Your retirement nest egg of tax-sheltered investments could grow at least four times faster.
    • You could pay off your mortgage in a third of the time – saving thousands of dollars in interest.
    • You could generate 12 times the 2.5% return you may be getting on any $100,000 investment.
    • You could get your money back if you weren’t happy with how our program was performing.

    Sound like a pipe dream? With our Six Figure Club all these dreams and more could become your new financial reality.


    “Wealth Creation – Success Formula is Revealed”

    From: James S. Davis Jr
    President/CEO/Founder of the Six Figure Club a division of the Parent Company, Mentor Services Unlimited, LLC.

    This Video provides 100% PROOF and confirms how, where and why the Wealthiest Income Earners achieve financial independence and for the most part reduce and in many cases even eliminate the worry, labor or risk by using this “Success Formula” Called: PASSIVE INVESTING.

    My 40 plus years’ experience in the world’s financial markets has given me the insight to finally understand and “GET IT” When it comes down to earning money….. We need a vehicle that delivers a steady positive income flow that can produce without failure the same PROFITS EARNED BY THE TOP 5%’ERS around the globe! Well, what we have found is, there is no such thing as a single vehicle, rather we have successfully formulated and identified a series of (PPSP) Programs, Products, Services, Projects that when combined actually created an ongoing flood of positive cash flow for our “Private Members.”

    By interlacing the portfolios of the world’s wealthiest businesses and individuals we discovered the thread that held them together. It turns out it wasn’t a thread at all, but a series of titanium wrapped cables we define and coined as our “Multiple Income Streams Create Income Rivers” This is where and how you can become one of the elite who have joined The Inner Circle of Wealth!

    The bulk of our (PPSP’s) are vehicles that we negotiate generous returns (earned incomes) by securing “Only Profitable Transactions.” That means when a vender needs our cash to complete a contract, we (the financial resource providers) in most cases, make sure that we must get paid instantly before delivery of that Programs, Products, Services, Projects provider can get paid themselves.  Sometimes this is referred to as being in first position or first in line. Think of it this way, if you were a “Preferred” stock holder… you would always be paid your profits, dividends, interest, etc. ahead of the “Common” stock holders.

    This is HOW, WHERE and WHY we named our company: Six Figure Club, because you choose which income producing PATHWAY TO WEALTH is needed to achieve your own financial independence and live the life you were always meant to enjoy!

    I like to say … Remember how everyone said… you need to slow down and smell the roses while on your life’s journey till you can get to your final destination…..Well our belief is the opposite….

    You can “ A R R I V E ”  N O W  – – – – W H Y – – – – W A I T  to enjoy the journey without Worry, Labor or Risk for the remainder of your lives!

    Our Income producing program offers both small and large future “Private Members” across the globe the passive income opportunity of a lifetime with unheard of returns and a unique 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Explore this opportunity in greater detail to change your financial future:

    Whether you want to be a single income earner or prefer a mutli-year compounded program as shown (in the 2nd Chart) you can choose from 1,2,3,4, or 5 year holding periods at a significant increased percentage earning rate since your profits are now able to be compounded exponentially while they remain in our acct.  With these income PATHWAYS in our high-yield return, passive investment program, you can enjoy phenomenal returns on your deposited funds can be earned on a monthly basis and paid out quarterly or annually for a 1 year contract.

    The real secret to achieving wealth is leveraging other people’s money to make money. The wealthiest already know this. We can show you how to turn the dead equity in any property you own into a money-generation vehicle or how to at least quadruple the returns on poorly performing tax-sheltered funds such as 401Ks and IRAs.

    And remember, we stand behind our claims. In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction or we return your investment minus any earnings – this elimination of risk is something no other INCOME PRODUCING VEHICLE OFFERS.

    Act now to take control of your financial future. Contact us today to learn more about this investment opportunity of a lifetime.