The Mentor Advantage

There are eight companies that fall under the Mentor Services Unlimited, LLC, umbrella. They are:

  • The Mentor Files
  • Six Figure Club
  • Master Saver
  • Dream Vacation Suites
  • Referrals Unlimited
  • Davis Financial Services
  • E:com Consortium
  • Mentor Foundation
  • Social Financial Networks
  • Acts of Kindness
  • Four Horsemen Entertainment Group
  • Financial Franchise Funnel Fortunes

“Most of our “Private Members” in a few short years will earn $100,000.00 in Profits. Many will earn “Six Figures” annually! Yes, we even have members earning in excess of $100,000.00 monthly…. Which PATH will you take?”

Get Your $650 Reward

Upon submission, you will receive a Customized FEE WAIVER OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE stating the normal processing operational cost & charges for accessing our Private Members Only worldwide networks database of “Providers” for any (PPSP) Projects, Programs, Services, Products and any funding or income producing systems we offer, are not being charged when you submit a photocopy or submit any requests from our firms of your certificate.

Get a membership fee waiver worth $650 just for talking to us about using OPM and this amazing income producing passive investment & business opportunity. Let us help you secure your financial future and enjoy the lifestyle of the truly Wealthy!

    Please choose the amount you may provide as a deposit as we can calculate your potential R.O.I. from earnings i. e. profits you as our beneficiary may receive.

    Program Overview

    1. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: All investors i.e. depositor’s are purchasing an income & business opportunity where they are joining other likeminded individuals and business owners where they contribute by investing a minimum of $5,000 up to $1,000,000 or more (no limits here) towards the (Income Pool.) From time to time several income producing opportunities are available for possible inclusion within our portfolio and may be considered worthy of our member’s participation as “Private Membership” does have its privileges and shared advantages since our purchasing power generates the highest grossing profit structures available to the top 1% – 5% profit earners worldwide.
    2. UNLIMITED INCOME RIVERS: Absolutely 100% of the profit is based on the price paid and profits earned from the end (P.P.S.P) program, product, service, project results. We choose to create not merely income streams …rather by participating within several venues our members will be the beneficiaries of “INCOME RIVERS!” The profits can be earned daily and paid (and/or reinvested) to our private members (as an investor in multiple businesses enterprises) on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. All profits are generated from a set percentage % hold back of all revenues generated as the cost of doing business.  In the majority of these transactions your deposited funds remain as collateral and are leveraged several times. This compounds our profits as we enter contracts where we know in advance what our earned profits will be before we acquire any positions for those contracts.  This worldwide business generates 24-hour profits for our “Private Membership!”
    3. A WINNING FORMULA: The key here is the fact that 95% +/- of all investments result in losses due to the law of large numbers always out performs a single person’s ability to buy and sell in huge quantities any (P.P.S.P) as defined above. Your profits will also be generated in the form of transaction fees. Think of it this way, when customers purchase gasoline at the pump, they do all the labor to fill their gas tanks perhaps hundreds of times per year. Now who’s making the REAL MONEY, THE CONSUMER OR THE OWNER OF THE GAS STATION? We the {SIX FIGURE CLUB} control the flow of the fuel being sold(through worldwide oil producing nations who manufacture it and the huge multimillion dollar daily transactions that controls the supply and demand) to the station owners and franchises. What the public as consumers spend will be returned as a reward/winnings if you will, to certain players i.e. you our “Private Membership.” This will provide the much needed incentive for continual participation in our business since the world must have its fuel to survive i.e. (The ADDICTION FACTOR.) *See the chart at the bottom of this page as a real transaction.  You with billions of others of course will be able to continue enjoying (investing/earning) from our “24-Hour, purchasing and selling power worldwide (P.P.S.P) ” With any internet access product such as desktop & laptop computers, Smartphones, iPads, notebooks, tablets and all future mobile devices and services from any location worldwide, we can and do transactions around the globe!
    4. This is important because all you have to do is provide the {SIX FIGURE CLUB} the opportunity to produce unlimited wealth generating passive profits for you and those that are in need of the cash flow we manufacture daily. All this is accomplished without any LABOR FROM YOU OR TIME DEVOTED TO ACHIEVE PROFITS ONLY ENJOYED BY THE TOP 1%-5% EARNERS ON THE PLANET!
    5. All redemptions (PROFITS) can only be paid from the {SIX FIGURE CLUB} where our private membership will receive and be entitled personal access to view Company Profit Centers. You will generate additional profits with your participation simply by (re-investing) because then your income rivers can grow exponentially, which equals greater profits for you!  This can be accomplished when you choose not to receive your monthly earnings (we pay quarterly) and you elect to extend your holding period. This time for compounding can be 1,2,3,4, or 5 years in length. Note: we are speaking about our 2nd Chart Wealth Accelerators Income Path programs found under the Opportunity link and is called Your Earnings. The R.O.I will speak for themselves.
    6. MANY INVESTOR TYPES: Our definition of the word “investor” i.e. depositor’s means Business Owner, Individual, Family, Group, Association, Corporation, etc. Basically, anyone who deposits/invests outright or by borrowing funds or choosing to reallocate, liquidate, move or transfer their poorly or non-performing assets from any place they may be located into our Multiple Profit Centers and Income Systems.Please note, that any rollover, creation or transferring of any invested monies to another Qualified Holding Company is not a sale of any investment, rather it is simply moving those assets and holding locations into a different holding company for any business product/sservices, that now will be considered a self-directed IRA, 401K or other qualified legal program, which allows the investor to control where the funds are invested and can include our (P.P.S.P) program, product, service, projects.Broad Financial is our holding company and has acted as the legal fiduciary for more than a decade and assisted thousands of people and companies house and manage their retirement and qualified funds. We at Six Figure Club simply offer their services if a customer wants to change the vehicle type of funds and location where they can establish their own self-directed IRA, 401K or other qualified legal programs.


    7. SHARING THE PROFITS: As this is a worldwide enterprise, The Six Figure Club and Mentor Services Unlimited, LLC. will earn/receive a percentage of the gross profits from each transaction we generate 24/7.
    8. INVESTMENT OPTIONS: Below is an overview of the two paths any investor i.e. depositors can choose from to participate. Experience has proven our private members earn more than other income producing systems & programs!
      1. Passive Income Investment Path/Reallocated Funds – Payout is based on a flat monthly fixed percentage. These funds are paid from the total transaction profits and your compensation is in direct proportion to the Level you have entered at (see Your Earnings two income producing charts.) Check out the first Income/Profit Chart on the Your Earnings page to see potential MONTHLY Earnings. (Paid Quarterly) Participants in this program will be paid from the profits generated through the various types of transactions where the Passive Income/Reallocated Funds/Investor/ i.e. depositor’s shares in the profits earned.
      2. Wealth Accelerator Income Path OPM/Leveraged/Borrowed Funds – Payout is based on your investment level. Check out the second Income/Profit Chart on the Your Earnings page to see potential returns.  Investors receive profits based on the gross monthly profits of all transactions and which level they are participating.  (These programs have a holding period where you chose the period of 1,2,3,4,or 5 years.)Each of these participant levels actually pays our Investors / i.e. depositor’s a higher monthly income profit than current standard income based programs because our transactions are instantaneously generated each 24 hour day of the year. This allows you to continue compounding the highest possible yields earned.  Our Six Figure Club systems produce profits 24 hours per day for our “Private Membership Partners!”

    STEADY CASH FLOW: Our process is designed to produce steady positive cash flow monthly as “Value Creators” for as long as people are worldwide pursue obtaining wealth & the use of  Internet to seek business and income opportunities.

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