The Mentor Advantage

There are eight companies that fall under the Mentor Services Unlimited, LLC, umbrella. They are:

  • The Mentor Files
  • Six Figure Club
  • Master Saver
  • Dream Vacation Suites
  • Referrals Unlimited
  • Davis Financial Services
  • E:com Consortium
  • Mentor Foundation
  • Social Financial Networks
  • Acts of Kindness
  • Four Horsemen Entertainment Group
  • Financial Franchise Funnel Fortunes

“Most of our “Private Members” in a few short years will earn $100,000.00 in Profits. Many will earn “Six Figures” annually! Yes, we even have members earning in excess of $100,000.00 monthly…. Which PATH will you take?”

Get Your $650 Reward

Upon submission, you will receive a Customized FEE WAIVER OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE stating the normal processing operational cost & charges for accessing our Private Members Only worldwide networks database of “Providers” for any (PPSP) Projects, Programs, Services, Products and any funding or income producing systems we offer, are not being charged when you submit a photocopy or submit any requests from our firms of your certificate.

Get a membership fee waiver worth $650 just for talking to us about using OPM and this amazing income producing passive investment & business opportunity. Let us help you secure your financial future and enjoy the lifestyle of the truly Wealthy!

    Please choose the amount you may provide as a deposit as we can calculate your potential R.O.I. from earnings i. e. profits you as our beneficiary may receive.


    *Please Note: We are contacting you as per your request to receive income producing & debt elimination & project financing information on the various (PPSP) Programs, Projects, Services, Products offered.

    T I M E    S E N S I T I V E

    ***Please Note: The information contained herein is to be considered as privileged, highly confidential and protected from disclosure*** Re: Introduction to our Income Producing New Financial Portals & MONETIZATIONfor Unlimited Wealth – We can fund nearly any Program, Product, Service & Project including TOTAL DEBT ELIMINATION SERVICES Using( O.P.M. ) O T H E R    P E O P L E ‘ S    M O N E Y !!!

    Dear Future & Current Members E N J O Y !!!

    To Whom It May Concern – To All Applicants, ©1975 – 2021 SFC & MSU & Social Financial Networks, – All Rights Reserved. Effective Date: 4.14.21

    Six Figure Club DBA Mentor Services Unlimited, LLC., Social Financial Networks, LLLP.

    Presents: A.) B.) C.) Program Types – It is Your Choice – Choose Wisely


    Program A.) You Are Seeking Passive Income, Investment Opportunities, Weekly & Monthly Cash-Flow Programs, You Can Wipe Out Your Total Debt, Elimination of Your Fixed Re-Occurring Monthly Overhead Expenditures (Both Business & Personal,) Substantially Increase Your Retirement & Current Income & Receive Secured Serious Wealth Accumulation NOW. To Gain Access To Earning a Minimum of Up To 10X, Up To 50X Even 100X or MORE R.O.I. Than What You Are Currently Receiving! All (100%) ……. With…… NO Labor, NO Worry, & Little or NO Risk of Loss of Your Principal Invested/Deposited Funds!

    Program B.) You have a financial need to secure FUNDING/FINANCING for your (PPSP) Project, Program, Service & Products. We offer several forms of collateral & financial instruments on a case-by-case basis. When your collateral is not sufficient, we can re-allocate, lend, pledge & assign up to $10 Billion Dollars (possibly more) from our “Suppliers/Providers/Producers” who have the need to invest in the right income producing opportunities our firm pre-qualifies for them. We can in many cases MONETIZE your financial instruments & physical assets into CASH! We then leverage that cash inside multiple income producing programs that creates the needed LOAN amounts you require to capitalize for those profitable (PPSP) we chose to provide each investor, capital, or loan funds to. Many times, our systems offer “NON-RECOURSE” loan funding. Here your principal loan amount may not have to be paid back to the lending bank or investor. You do have to cover the loan interest for securing the loan. Normally, we secure an equity position within each (PPSP) we provide the necessary infrastructure capital you are seeking along with our standard (JVPA) Joint Venture Partnership Agreement/Contract.

    Program C.) If you are you seeking a way out of debt & into wealth & a serious new “Income River” (which we deliver) … Here you can supplement and even replace your retirement & employment income by becoming one of our well compensated “Super Affiliates” (SA) or become an (I.B.O.) Independent Business Owner and Our (4-F Club) (“FFFF”) = Financial Franchise Funnel Fortunes – Business Owner (BO) with in our (FFFF – IBO) private financial portals as an independent contractor (with the opportunity to secure full & part time status with our firm.) Our Super Affiliates become Master Financial Mentors, brokers, sales & marketing representatives. As a financial consultant with no geographic boundaries worldwide, you can help the UNINFORMED & the have nots (the 99% of the world’s population….) EARN at the same exact rate in the same vehicles the TOP 1% Income Earners & Producers have enjoyed for centuries! Our Affiliates are expected to earn in excess of a minimum six figures annually & well beyond. You can even join those who will have earned it in six months Even……. MONTHLY!!!

    The (4) four sides of this compensation coin/scale are:

    1. Become an (S.A.) “Super Affiliate” here you are to secure clients for our many programs worldwide…
    2. Become a (I.B.O.) Independent Business Organization. These Are Our “Franchise Owners” (FO) (“FFFF”) = Financial Franchise Funnel Fortunes – Financial Services Entrepreneur/Business Owners are to secure clients for our many programs worldwide…
    3. Become a “Client” Applicant to earn what our participants receive in MONTHLY Very Serious PASSIVE INCOME with THE 10 X F A C T O R – Program that the World’s TOP 1% EARNERS USE DAILY!
    4. Use our “SELF-FUNDING” Option available (See 100 + Lenders Attachments.) Most anyone can secure additional funds to *Enter as a (S.A.) “Super Affiliate” or ** “Franchise Owners” (FO) or a “Client” Private Member Beneficiary! We can provide funders who may provide unsecured (no collateral-based LOC or Bank Loans) from a few thousand $25k is our minimum entry level up to $2,500,000. +

    Please note how & what & when our representatives will be paid.

    *All “Super Affiliates” (SA) earn 50% of the earnings our (I.B.O.) Franchise Owners earn and will be paid only after the client’s earnings (funds/profits) have been generated and distributed. (Generally, 30-90 +/- days) after funds have been accepted in to various (HYRPIP) High Yield Return Passive Income Programs & Systems.

    ** Our (I.B.O.) Franchise Owners (FO) earn Double what the “Super Affiliates” earn when producing new “Private Members” into our Six Figure Club DBA Social Financial Networks & Global Organizations.

    *** Become a “Client” Applicant to earn what our participants receive in MONTHLY Very Serious PASSIVE INCOME. Our lowest projected earnings rate is a minimum of up to 1 X which represents up to 10 % MONTHLY ROI. Paid up to ten monthly payment periods = 100%+/- Annual ROI!!!

    **** Both (SA) & (FO) will be paid their (PSC) Commissions for all FRANCHISE contracts approx. 10 – 14 days after the funds have cleared our receiving bank account and have been accepted & leveraged within any of our ongoing portfolios. So, if a (FO) submits an applicant’s request to become a (“FFFF”) = Financial Franchise Funnel Fortunes – Beneficiary… for the first and minimum entry level (IBO/FFFF) for only $25,000. Then the (FO) would earn up to 10% or $2,500.00 whereas when a (SA) closes the same new contract, they would earn 50% Less or 5% = $1,250.00 (See the (PSC) Charts below for your compensation i.e. commissions).

    The following are the Finder’s Fees & Commissions We PAY YOU! … PLUS …

    BONUS Referral Reward Checks may be received by the referring party!

    **** Here are the (PSC) Profit Sharing Compensation “Commissions” Details Earnings Scale:

    (Green # = Income.) & the Number under the Green Dollars earned means that is the number of contracts (closed sales) it would take to = or earn a minimum of $100,000. In Commissions!

    This is why each company representative is required to secure the current financial condition of each applicant to complete the (TNA)

    Total Needs Analysis form***This generates the TRUTH as to the outstanding debts we may eliminate & the assets not performing at the earnings rate we can demon-straight & why reallocation of those current assets & financial instruments & retirement funds would be better served & produce way superior ROI for 100% of our clients…. These monetizable instruments & assets will generate the full (PSC) Commissions due each of our company reps.(see below) OPEN


    Affiliate  Customer  Qualifying financial instruments and or forms of assets

    (Green # = Income.) & the Number under the Green Dollars earned means that is the number of contracts (closed sales) it would take to = or earn a minimum of$100,000. In Commissions!

    • 1st Level (FFAA) Finder’s Fee Apprentice Affiliate & Applicants / Referring Representatives / Agents / Social Media Influencers

    (Flat Finder’s fee) as an Apprentice Affiliate 1/2% up to a maximum $10,000. In commission = one-time payment. Based on total funds deposited – Producing the basic contact info. & Setting up a pre-qualification conf. call & short interview & a few basic required applications/documents. (BONUS) Any personal & business referrals that are approved & have successfully submitted the required documents/applications/deposits & or assets or cash that results in closed contracts, may generate a 1ST Level Finder’s Fee ReferralBONUS REWARD CHECK.

    *This fee may be enhanced based on certain additional activities & the number of closed transactions from multiple “New Business & Recruiting Results.” You may also qualify for company perks & rewards / benefits / trips / compensation / etc. dependent on your success levels of overall training & success rates of your personal & or newly appointed members of our TEAM.

    • 2nd Level (SA) “Super Affiliate” is to secure clients/new reps for our many programs…

    Deposit $ Amounts

    $25,000 $50,000 $75,000 $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $750,000 $1M – $9.9M $10.M+
    Percentage = 5 % 4.5 % 4 % 3.5 % 2.5 % 2% 1.5 % 1% Per $1M ½% Flat

    Per $10M

    Comm. = $1,250 $2,250 $3,000 $3,500 $6,250 $10,000 $11,250 $10,000 $50,000
    # Of Sales = $100K 80 44.4 33.3 28.57 16 10 8.88 10 2
    • 3rd Level (MFM) Master Financial Mentors (I.B.O.) Independent Business Organization (“FFFF”) = Financial Franchise Funnel Fortunes – Financial Services Entrepreneur Business Owner is to secure clients for our many programs…

    Deposit $ Amounts

    $25,000 $50,000 $75,000 $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $750,000 $1M – $9.9M $10.M+
    Percentage = 10 % 9 % 8 % 7 % 5 % 4 % 3 % 2% Per $1M 1% Flat

    Per $10M

    Comm. = $2,500 $4,500 $6,000 $7,000 $12,500 $20,000 $22,500 $20,000 $100,000
    # Of Sales = $100K 40 22.2 16.6 14.28 8 5 4.44 5 1

    Examples: How to recover up to 100% of any Franchise Fee Costs: Simply follow this Success Formula and we will show you how soon you can receive your total funds deposit (Franchise Fee) Returned & PAID IN FULL (PIF.) Each (4-F Club) Financial Franchise Funnel Fortunes (IBO) Independent Business Organization can recover their Original Franchise Purchase Fee when they have earned 10 X (ten times) in commissions what they paid as their Original Franchise Purchase Fee. Please Note: To our knowledge … No Franchise Business Owner ever gets their purchase price returned to them in its entirety.Until N O W !!!!!!!!

    Here is the B I G – P I C T U R E

    * 100% of all Applicants/Clients/Depositors/Private Members/Referred By Our Company Representativesalso become beneficiaries, are entitled to receive the following compensation based direct introduction to any clients:

    * *Please note: All deposited funds from any funding providers of personal, business loans, & lines of credit which are considered financing/borrowed fundswill have maximum earnings (PSC) up to 10% MONTHLY ROIfor up to 10 monthly distribution payment periods = projected 100% ROI for clients (PSC) Profit Sharing Compensation Checks.

    * * *Please note: All deposited funds from any funding providers of personal, business, or physical assets or financial instruments or any funds from (Your $) have been monetized into cash will be entitled to receive up to the maximum earnings rate (10% up to 50%)as defined in the following (PSC) Profit Sharing Compensation Earnings Chart:

    (PSC) Profit Sharing Compensation “Commissions” Details Earnings Scale:

    Next…. Contact Us  Let the Six Figure Club Monetize your life!

    We have (5) Basic Entry Levels one must choose to become Financial Franchise Funnel Fortunes Business Owners within our (I. B. O.) Independent Business Organizations. Each has built into itself a “Self-Funding Element” that does NOTexist anywhere else in the franchise world based on our unique business model.

    Financial Franchise Funnel Fortunes (I.B.O.) Independent Business Organizations

    Franchise Fee Total Deposit Entry Amounts

    • 1st Level Franchise $25,000. ($25k-$100k)
    • 2nd Level Franchise $50,000. ($101k-$250k) Sample: OPEN →
    • 3rd Level Franchise $75,000. ($251k-$500k) How It’s Done
    • 4th Level Franchise $100,000. ($501k-$1,000,000)
    • 5th Level Franchise is flat 10% ($1,000,001 + of the total deposited funds would be the franchise purchase price.) Example: $3 M Deposit X 10% = $300k would become the purchase franchise price/fee. This means the balance of $2,700,000 would be leveraged to be in the income producing financial portal we have established. *** See Our 100% Refund Purchase Price Funding Recovery BONUS Program.
    • We can offer substantially larger I.B.O. Financial Franchises at any price & show you how to “Self-Fund!” Remember, we offer access to REAL Tax-Sheltered Retirement Programs!

    Bonus Income Rivers

    NOTE: 100% of all loan proceeds (Business Lines of Credit & Lenders) from our firms, will PAY a Finder’s Fee for successfully enrolling their applicant (future clients) payable to our referring representatives:

    1st Level (FFAA) Finder Fee Apprentice Affiliates 1/2 % (one half of 1 percent) of total deposited Bus. Loans/Lines of Credit (OPM) Other People’s Money. *BONUS REWARD CHECKS (* These are Loan Origination Representative Fees) Examples: Based on Financed & Loan funds deposited. $25k X 1/2% = $125. $50k X 1/2% = $250. $75k X 1/2% = $375. $100k + X 1/2% = $500. Commissions

    2nd Level (SA) Super Affiliate – 3/4 % (three quarters of 1 percent) of total deposited Bus. Loans/Lines of Credit (OPM) Other People’s Money. *BONUS REWARD CHECKS Examples: Based on Financed & Loan funds deposited. $25k X 3/4% = $187.50. $50k X 3/4% = $375. $75k X 3/4% = $562.50 $100k + X 3/4% = $750. Commissions

    3rd Level (FFFF) Financial Franchise Funnel Fortunes – 1 % (1 percent) of total deposited Bus. Loans/Lines of Credit (OPM) Other People’s Money. *BONUS REWARD CHECKS Examples: Based on Financed & Loan funds deposited. $25k X 1% = $250. $50k X 1% = $500. $75k X 1% = $750. $100k + X 1% = $1,000. Commissions

    • Our (PSC) Profit Sharing Compensation – Commissions is shared with our representatives as a reward for developing new business. This is because these are borrowed funds and NOT the client’s own capital being used for THE 10 X F A C T O R – PASSIVE INCOME PRODUCING PROGRAMS / SYSTEMS!

    Contact Us What do you intend to do?