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The Opportunity


Why Invest

You Too Can Amass Wealth the Way the Mega Rich Do It

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Learn how you can cover your monthly expenses, eliminate your overall debt and grow wealth by leveraging OPM (Other People's Money) with a single high-yield investment. Use our financial solutions calculators today.

Ever wonder how the mega rich got that way? What’s the secret to arriving? The super-rich are very precise with the money they invest. In the majority of cases, their wealth does not come from an inheritance but rather it comes from Other People’s Money (OPM). 

If you ever want to amass any worthwhile wealth, you need
 to model your investment on those who have “Arrived” and find the vehicles that compound your assets into investments that have an “Addictive Factor” built in so you can earn income from the many. This is exactly the kind of "Investment Pools" opportunity, which the Six Figure Club and our parent company, Mentor Services Unlimited, LLC, offer.  

Take Bill Gates for example. He has harnessed the need for his software in such a way that he controls the “Information Super Highway.” Basically, he has positioned his company as a “universal toll booth” and collects from anyone who wants to travel on that global roadway.

OPM is Key to Compounding Wealth

So, did Mr. Gates create his empire by using his money or ours? OPM is king and leveraging it is how the rulers compound their wealth. The average person or business invests in mutual funds, CDs, money markets, treasury bills, stocks, bonds, annuities, insurance, savings programs, real estate and so forth. The financial institutions take your money and invest it but the majority of the profits stays with them and do not go to you. Basically, they are leveraging OPM – your money – to increase their bottom line.

In addition to using your money, they also leverage billions of dollars from lending institutions so they don't have to use their own funds or business lines of credit to grow their wealth. Through our funding resources with access to more than 3,000 lenders such as Lendio, we can help you leverage OPM to enhance or finance your investment.

Our income producing investment opportunity lets you create your own toll booths that become "Income Rivers" flowing from the world’s Financial/Investment Super Highway so you profit from the many and leverage other people’s money.

Significant ROI With-out Risk

When you are talking investments, it’s always about the bottom line – ROI or the return on investment. Our bottom line returns to our Monthly High-Yield Passive Income program investors are projected at 12% to 36% annually depending on the total funds you invest. The Wealth Accumulator annual cash flow system can pull in up to 75% and more in net profits annually.

You’re probably thinking with returns that great it must be high risk as well. But it’s not. The best part about our investment is that we’ve eliminated the risk. We offer a one-of-a-kind guarantee in the financial world – if after the 12 to 24 month holding period you are not completely satisfied with the return on your investment, we will refund your money less any profits made. You won’t find that kind of guarantee from anyone else.

So it all comes to down to choices in life and this one is a simple one – not a hard decision. Either you choose a new investment path with a proven track record of producing significant income and a money back guarantee or you decide to continue down the path of little to no returns.

Act now to take control of your financial future. Contact us today to learn more about this investment opportunity of a lifetime.

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