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My husband and I were amazed at the level of information we didn’t understand when it came to our finances. We were fortunately introduced to Mr. Davis, who shared his vast knowledge of more than 40 years experience in the financial services industry. His recommendations have increased our fixed monthly incomes nearly double.
Retired, USN Chief Michael & Kathy J.

When we were told that our company’s monthly overhead fixed expenses could be paid from OPM using this passive income program, we said prove it ... and they did!
Dave & Lucy Z. (Owner/Operators of Several Restaurants and Clubs)


Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? We do ... In fact we had old CD's we kept with our bank for 20 years and they paid us a whopping 2.5% per year annual return. After reviewing this Six Figure Club program about passive income programs, WE NOW EARN THE SAME 2.5% BUT WE GET IT EVERY 30 DAYS IN A MONTHLY CHECK ...(3 months worth in quarterly checks.)  For those who are counting that’s a 30% annual return!!!
William & Becky T. (Printing Store Owner & Office Manager)

Why did I join the Six Figure Club income producing programs? It’s because they truly do pay 3 to 10 times more than all the other investments I have owned over the past 15 years!
James A. (Unemployed, USAF Retired)


We we’re “WOWED” when they (Six Figure Club & Mentor Services Unlimited – the parent company) found the money we needed to launch this business/income opportunity! Not only did they produce a clear picture of where we are currently with our finances, they found us several willing funding organizations and we doubled the number of dollars we intended to invest (increasing our profit substantially!)
J & M Proctor (Multiple Internet Cafe’ Owners)


Every quarter, I look forward to running to my mailbox and cashing my Six Figure Club Passive Income Profits Checks! Life’s Good!
Warren O. (Race Track Manager)

The countries outlook of this world’s current economy and financial future are bleak at best.... Thank You for providing a sound, safe, highly profitable investment vehicle that creates jobs, new taxes for the governments and financial stability that millions will enjoy!
James & Helen B. (Attorney & Bank Manager)


My wife and I needed to face reality that our monthly income just wouldn’t cover our ongoing expenses let alone save anything for the future. A good friend and co-worker recommended we check out this website because he and his wife were well on the way to earning double their annual incomes from the investments they made in the Six Figure Club. When I told my friends that we just didn’t have the money to invest ... they laughed out loud and said, we work where you work and didn’t have the money either. Then they told me their SECRET…using OPM (Other People's Money.)  We made a simple loan application through www.lendio.com, one of the Club's funding partners who has helped thousands of small and large investors secure hundreds of millions of dollars. By the way, any loans they provide will easily be paid back with interest in a timely manner from the monthly investment earnings. Now, we received a loan from one of their more than 3,000 lenders. I’m glad our friends referred us because now we are earning our two (salary incomes) in annual passive investment returns ... without any labor or using any of our own money! Ps. 100% "Risk Free."
Jeff T.  & Carol M. (Automobile Customer Service Dept. & Hair Stylist)

Our whole family has been searching for a sound investment since we lost, like most Americans, over 42% of our financial portfolio over the past 8-10 years. While searching the web, we found this company with over 40 years of successful financial services history and they provided the “Next Generation” Vehicle that pays a minimum of 12% to as much as 75% annually!
Kevin, Martha, Steven, Jake and Marjorie D. (Family Ranchers)


My wife & I were in the Time Share & Real Estate Sales Industry who worked for several Fortune 500 Mega-Corporations. We earned several million dollars over our long careers and recently retired. Jim (the owner of the Six Figure Club) asked what we were going to do now that we retired, we both looked at each other and said …. We need a job because we loved the challenge of meeting and helping people vacation around the world. Then it hit both of us like a ton of “GOLD BARS”…Jim are you hiring? Well now we earn more (part-time) than we did full time and everyone wants what the Six Figure Club delivers ……$$$$$$.....  
Michael J. & Barbara V. (Formal Sales Representatives & Semi-Retired)


Our Company was hit hard by the recession and we have offices worldwide. What interested us most were two huge benefits we just couldn’t pass up. The first is how the monthly income overhead expenses elimination program actually paid for our ongoing business costs in less than six months from the day we were plugged in. The second is that each month we have enhanced our revenues so much that we are leveraging several poorly performing investments and dead equity in multiple locations. By reallocating these (DEAD ASSETS TO WORK) WE are now creating monthly Cash Generators in each of our business locations throughout the United States and Overseas.
Michael T. (CEO, Global Restaurants & Food Distributors)


Vacations ... Now we can take several per year with all the new passive income programs and from the Six Figure Club we receive every month. (3 months worth of checks paid quarterly)
Arnold & Barbara D. (Business Owners)


We loved playing slot machines at Casinos around the world so much but never made any money at it … just pure entertainment. Enter the (Six Figure Club)... We would never had succeeded without their invaluable guidance. We started with a goal of replacing our monthly losses of about $2,000. and in 90 days we had a steady $2,500 monthly inflow without any labor. We then rolled over several hundred thousand of our IRA’s and 401k’s into their secured fully qualified tax sheltered programs.  Now, we are earning 10 times what the banks were paying us and without the risk! This has happened so quickly that we now have increased our monthly income (3)   threefold!  Thank You for all your support!
Louis, Jenny, Juan, Anna, Terry (Owners, several vacation resort properties)


Our Company consists of about 500 franchises in the U.S. and more than 1,000 more in Europe and Asia and our next market will be China. It turns out that these investment vehicles are universally accepted and we see our corporate profits growing exponentially. Each location is now being retro-fitted generate additional income from re-investing each month’s profits which have never stopped growing!  You guys are the BEST!
Frank and Sons (Owners – Truck Stops & Hotels/Motels)


Five years ago we were broke, but now because we got involved in this companies financial "Profit Sharing" programs.  We actually have become very well off.  I used to throw thousands of dollars away on lottery tickets until it hit me ... the real winners were the lotteries itself because they got to keep the lion’s share every single day, 365 per year. So we (our family) decided why not own our own lottery style business. It turns out its better than the Lottery because we have no losers…just stable monthly income without any of the worries, work or risk associated with owning your own business.  Now we have our own toll-booths that work for us 24 hours a day and pay like ATMs! You may ask how did we do it? … Well we became “Super Affiliates” with the Six Figure Club and we all will earn in excess of $100,000 each just for telling our story!
Jody & Eric T. (Self-Employed)


Once we saw the Six Figure Club website … We got it!!! Now we make money every month without labor. Thanks Soooooo Much!!!
Michelle P. & Carrie W. (Retired, Self Employed Insurance Agents)


We are a nonprofit network that has millions of private members whose mission is to help the less fortunate through the fundraising efforts of our membership. We can say that without our Passive Monthly Income, we would not have been able to provide the level of care and kindness that our fraternal organization set as its mandate and we are grateful for the residual benefits afforded our family and friends from the thousands of hours of fun and entertainment we have been able to provide & enjoy.
International Fraternity / Social Club Organization


We used our (debt–free) farm land valued at several million dollars earning -$0- dollars to “Join The Inner Circle Of Wealth” investment program offered by the Six Figure Club. Upon their financial analysis and recommendation, we secured a (HELOC) home equity line of credit for a 2.5% annual loan percentage rate. ($25,000. Annual cost cost) for using our $1,000,000. Of DEAD EQUITY.  Plus the investment is secured and held as collateral for a minimum 1 to 5 years period that we get to choose…..  We will earn 50% ROI from the 7th level earnings Wealth Accelerator program. Part of the money we spend and the balance we rolled over into a “Self-Directed” IRA tax-sheltered retirement account. (Also set up thru the SFC) 100% of those earnings are tax deferred until we retire in about 5 years. This has been the BEST INVESTMENT WE HAVE EVERY MADE. Thank you
John T. & Nancy B. (Real Estate Agent & Rail Road Executive)  


Where do we begin ... First, we love to travel.  Second, we generally donate/spend several THOUSAND DOLLARS annually ... for the entertainment we enjoy.  Third, when we found out about how to actually OWN OUR FINANCIAL FUTURE and be the beneficiary of a fixed extremely high pay-out - every single quarter month; Well fourth, we now own several "Risk Free" contracts that pays my family a labor-free $14,000 MONTHLY!!!  (Again paid quarterly.)  We’re moving our homes dead equity & 401K next!
Andy & Carmella S. (Spanish Language Teacher & Accountant)

I simply moved my IRA investment to their Self Directed IRA through a rollover (no tax penalty) and went from earning 2.5% Annually to 2.5% MONTHLY which is 30% Annually.
John T. (Police Chief)

This Six Figure Club Passive Income Programs pays off our monthly bills using OPM (Other People’s Money).
Peter & Samantha J. (MBA & Chemist)

We found that the Six Figure Club has been around for decades and is now considered to be the next “Mega Investment” opportunity that’s gone global and is on all seven continents. Are we happy we invested in this income producing program? It’s like owning several TOLL BOOTHS all over the world!!!
Sandi P. & Pat L. (Construction Super & Homemaker)

Being a widow and trying to live on a limited fixed income, I found myself barely making ends meet until a friend of mine suggested I visit this website. I converted some poorly performing stocks and bonds into an additional (labor-free) $3,000 monthly income. Now my life has changed substantially for the best.  Thank You Very Much.
Mary Anne C. (Retired Teacher)

Imagine earning what your credit card charges for using their cards? We now get paid more than they charge with our Six Figure Club income programs – each and every month!
Al & Mickey B. (Professional Baseball Player & Professional Bowler)

Jim and I used some of our “Dead Equity” just sitting in our home earning NOTHING to invest in this investment program. Now, in about three years, we are paying off our remaining 15-year mortgage from the passive income we earn monthly.
Connie & Jim F. (Real Estate Agent & College Professor)

One question asked by our sales rep made our choice easy: If your current assets and poorly performing investments could be reallocated (moved) and you could earn (3) Three to (10) Ten times MORE MONEY than what you are now earning, would you accept this proposition? Well, I am a brain surgeon and I still said YES!!!
John & Tina R. (Doctor & CPA)

It’s like owning a lot of toll booths on the World’s Financial/Investment/Information Super Highway! WOW!  (We have a large number of friends who will need this kind of monthly income! You can expect a lot of personal referrals!)
Terry & Pamela E. (I.T. & Website Professionals)

If anyone told me that making an investment for one year in an industry with a 40-year successful track record would offer a 100% Money Back, No-Risk Guarantee, I wouldn’t believe you... Well, I was wrong...  They Do!
Cindy S. & Jerry Z. (Artist & Teacher)

After watching the stock market ... thank you for opening our closed minds ... so we can continue putting the CASH from the Six Figure Club in our open wallets and purses.
David, Mike, Larry, Steve, Eric, Lee, Marjorie, Kate, Sally Marie, Sandy & Gloria (Private Investment Club)

Our family owns several automobile/truck dealerships and when asked if we wanted to improve the customer experience while waiting for their vehicles to be repaired, we said show us how. They did and it works so well. We make a profit each and every month.
Bobby & Family (Multiple Auto Delearships)

Seven (7%) percent annual return on our $1,000,000 in stock earned $70,000.00. With a SFC investment we changed that to a  3% MONTHLY return = $30,000.  Over 12 months, that means $360,000.  PROFIT or a 36% ROI Annually.  Next year, we intend on letting the principle re-invest each month and we will be compounding our ROI 100% which will double our invested principle in profits!This truly was a No-Brainer!
Colleen & Brad P. (President & CEO)

Just look at the stock market. Need I say more? Thank You for our monthly checks, we have nearly doubled our monthly income without working for it!
Yalonda & Franklyn H. (U.S. Government & Post Office)

Now we’re winning 100% of the time – every time our invested dollars get traded with the millions of other dollars in the investment pool, we get our monthly “Profit Checks” we get paid without any labor… our money is finally earning serious $$$$!
Dr. Andrew E. & Dr. Kathleen S. (Medical Doctors)

I was unemployed for a very long time. Your program works and has given our family a steady monthly income and, more importantly, my self-confidence again!
Ronald T. (Carpenter)

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