“Most of our “Private Members” in a few short years will earn $100,000.00 in Profits. Many will earn “Six Figures” annually! Yes, we even have members earning in excess of $100,000.00 monthly…. Which PATH will you take?”

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   How We Do It

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The Opportunity


Six Figure Club

A Company Based on 40 Years of Investment Success

How Will You Make It?

Becoming a Six Figure Club private member means we want you to earn more than $100,000 in pure profits from your investments with our firm’s portfolio of High Yield Return, Passive Income Programs.

There are two ways to create money:

The FIRST WAY is for you to work for it and apply your abilities and personal efforts to EARN FROM YOUR LABOR an income.

The SECOND WAY is to let your money work for you and develop multiple wealth-producing vehicles that CREATE PASSIVE INCOME without any labor from you.

Our private members choose the second way and to join the elite inner circle of wealth faster.

The Six Figure Club believes success only comes to those who pursue it. That’s why our mission is to help more people achieve six figure incomes than any other business enterprise in history.

Historically, a small percentage of the public have consistently been able to earn and control 95% of the profits made worldwide. The Six Figure Club teaches you how to join that elite inner circle of smart.

The Six Figure Club offers our private members access to High Yield Return Profit Income Programs. Our various investment vehicles are well-researched and we vet hundreds of opportunities in order to find the few high-yield return investments that meet our qualifications.


Members Include Multinational Corporations to Individuals

Backed by more than 40 years of investing expertise and success,
the Six Figure Club has helped improve the financial future of not just individuals, families and small and medium-sized businesses but large multinational corporations as well.

Experienced with multi-million dollar investments and transactions,
the Six Figure Club has assisted mega corporations in increasing significantly the profitability of each of their locations.

It’s all about learning how to use Other People’s Money (OPM) to
grow your income exponentially. Through our funding resources with access to more than 3,000 lenders such as Lendio, we can help you get the funds to enhance and finance your investment.

Note: Before applying for any loan or financing program with our lenders, you must follow our recommended application process using our “Special Financing Offer” wording found under our Documents link to improve your funding approval during the application process.

You need to find the vehicles that compound your assets into investments with a “positive addictive factor” that keep people coming back built in so you can earn income from many people worldwide. This is exactly the kind of investments, such as the (HYRPIP) High Yield Return Passive Income Program opportunity, that are offered by the Six Figure Club.  

Right Partners, Right Investments

We’re not into concepts and theories—we’re into reality where intelligence, the right partners and the right investments can transform your money into wealth. It’s not about get-rich-quick schemes – it’s smart investing with a trusted group of companies that will turn a real profit in no time.

The Six Figure Club is a subsidiary of Mentor Services Unlimited, LLC, which is the parent company of a consortium of successful, far-reaching businesses that have been helping investors big and small across the globe eliminate debt, acquire wealth and live out their dreams.

The Six Figure Club, like all Mentor Services Unlimited companies, is proud of its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy firm. We stand behind our claims and strive to exceed the expectations of all our investors by under-promising and over-delivering.

Just read our testimonials from satisfied clients who have benefited from our extremely profitable opportunities and turned their poorly performing investments into wealth.

Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional investment opportunities.



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